Policies & Procedures

How to Use the Reservation System

  • Go to Reservation page then select the Facility or Service.

  • Select the Date/Time - from and to. Click Search to view the calendar then select a vacant slot.

  • Key-enter the rest of the information then click Submit.

  • If required, key-enter the security text (to prevent spam) to confirm the reservation then click Submit.

How to Use the Data File Manager (backoffice-side System Administrator)

  • Go to For Admin Only page then use the following to login.

    User ID: guest
    Password: guestadmin

  • Use the Menu on the left pane and explore the Data File Manager.

  • To display all records, key-enter the percent sign (%) as wildcard character in the search box.

  • For any help required or feedback, please send us an e-mail: info@A2DigitalCore.com.